Status update, June 2024

Kevin Guillaumond

June 26, 2024

Another short one, as I was away for two weeks this month.

Let’s start as usual with my GTG commits of the month: one of them is explicitly requiring GTK 4.10, to avoid GTG creating an infinity of error dialogs when running an older version. I’m still working on the actual bug of GTG not supposed to create the error dialog in the first place.

The other is a step towards integrating ruff to the pre-commit hook, which will be a nice quality of life improvement.

My next thing, before I go back to fixing bugs, will be to fix the weekly flatpak. Now that GTG requires GTK 4.10, I can no longer just use the script to run the latest master on my Debian laptop. I tried to use the weekly flatpak, but it seems broken. Fixing it will allow me to keep following the bleeding edge on my work laptop.

That’s it for this month - hoping to find more time for GTG next month!